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First Day of Vacation

Lo and the Magnetics
Sooner or Later

Tracy Stark
Walk This World

Elisa Koreen 

Christene LeDoux
The Entertainer

Annette Warner
I See the Signs

Kelly Fitzgerald
Wish For

Lynn Julian
Without You

Steve Jack
If She Only Knew

Debra Davis 
I'm Not Broken 

Ladd Roberts
Let's Go

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Andy Hill 
Everything Disappears

Karen Jacobsen
Strong Woman

Artists and their Adopted Missing Person (click on link to go to that artist)

Ronny Cox - Host of Warriors for the Missing DVD
Ronny Cox Ronny Cox has an easy style and way of delivery that draws you in and makes you want to pay attention. His story telling adds another dimension when you experience Ronny in a live setting...he simply takes you home. He is a musician and an actor who has accomplished both avenues through his own determination. We are very honored to have Ronny Cox as our host. This DVD project is dedicated to the wonderful memories and music of Travis Parker.

Ronny's big break and first film was in the (now classic) film, Deliverance. He also has the following noteworthy films to his credit: Bound for Glory, The Onion Field, Taps, Beverly Hills Cop, RoboCop, and Total Recall. Ronny has been involved in countless TV movies, mini-series and TV series, including A Case of Rape, Cop Rock, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case), Apple's Way, and St. Elsewhere.  He also took over as captain of the ship on Star Trek: The Next Generation, for two episodes when Picard was captured by the Cardasians.  He is a trivia question; one of the few actors who have actually done a "Captain's Log".  He also plays Kinsey in Stargate SG1. Ronny has been fortunate to find a synergy between the fantasy world and folk music. He plays several folk festivals every year and says, "I am always struck by the number of fans who come up after the shows, wanting to talk about Stargate or Star Trek...and these are real music fans too!"

On his latest album, Ronny Cox Live, as well as on his previous albums Cowboy Savant and Acoustic Eclectricity, he showcases a wonderful acoustic mix of folk, western, jazzy-bluesy and just plain corn ball stuff. If you have not had a chance to hear Ronny's music, this is a great opportunity for you to start!

The Artists

Ronny Cox, a musician and an actor; has accomplished both avenues through his own determination.  In movies such as Deliverance and RoboCop, he has offered up a series of outstanding performances
Adopted Missing Person:Tamika Huston
Tamika Huston's remains have been recovered.

Artist John Paul Thornton began painting portraits of America’s missing children when a student of his was abducted.  For the last 15 years, John has committed himself to painting hundreds of portraits, as a way to honor the children.
Adopted Missing Person:Shania Supanich
Shania Supanich was found safe in the Fall of 2006.

Anne McCue’s career has covered punk, Lilith Fair, Australian awards, and Vietnam.  Her experience as a band member, lead guitarist, and solo artist has continued to bring her success in her life on the road.
Adopted Missing Person: Maura Murray
Maura Murray Maura Murray disappeared near Woodsville, New Hampshire on February 9, 2004.  Anne was drawn to Maura’s story because they share the love of running.  Anne hopes that by focusing on Maura, it will revive the memory of someone who may have some information about this case.

Singer/songwriter Sally Zito studied orchestration and arranging with her father, composer/arranger/conductor Joseph Zito, before attending Berkley College of Music as a film scoring major.

Barry Zito is the starting pitcher for the Oakland A’s and has won several awards among the top being the 2002 CY Young Award.  He was also named Pac-10 Pitcher of the year.
Adopted Missing Person:Barry Rosser
Sally and Barry's uncle, Barry Rosser was last seen in October, 1965, in Big Sur, California.   For obvious reasons, both Sally and Barry Zito chose Barry.  His loss has impacted their family tremendously. 

Harriet Schock is a platinum singer/songwriter with six solo CDs.   Her songs have been Grammy nominated, used in films and TV, and recorded by many other artists. 
Adopted Missing Person: Joanna Rogers
Joanna Rogers remains have been recovered.

Jannel Rap is a songwriter’s songwriter.  Her fourth album, Blue, was chosen as one of the top three best releases of 2001 by the Orange County Register. She has recorded several CDs and is the founder of GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation.
Adopted Missing Person: Gina Bos
Gina Bos Gina Bos, Jannel’s sister, disappeared on October 17th, 2000 after a performance in Lincoln, NE.  When screaming at the moon produced no results, GINA for Missing Persons ( was created by Jannel for the missing not able to get attention for themselves. 

Yvonne Perea’s original music is a moving mix of blues, folk, and pop, infused with her thick soulful voice. Perea is the embodiment of the strong female musician&ldots;and she delivers every time.
Adopted Missing Person: Michael Jarvi
Michael Jarvi Michael Jarvi as last seen in North Syracuse, Oregon on March 22nd 2002.  Yvonne tours in this area frequently and thought she would use this as a chance to get the word out about Michael.  She believes that with a watchful eye of attentive communities, Michael will have the chance to be found and brought home to his family.

Gillian Moon is a singer, songwriter, recording artist pianist, etc&ldots;and the CEO of Warrior Girl Music and co-founder of the non profit songwriter organization, Songsalive!
Adopted Missing Person: Joshua Guimond
Joshua Guimond Joshua Guimond was last seen late Saturday night on November 9, 2002 or possibly early Sunday, the following morning, at St. John’s University.  Gilli met Joshua’s father last June when touring the mid-west. She was so impressed with Joshua’s father’s drive to find his son that she knew Joshua would be a great match for the mission-oriented Gillian Moon.

Susan Gibson, touring singer/songwriter from Amarillo, Texas, wrote the best-selling single in country music history, the Dixie Chicks’ Wide Open Spaces
Adopted Missing Persons: Adrianna Wix and Jennifer Wix
Adrianna Wix Jennifer Wix
Adrianna Wix and her mother, Jennifer Wix, have been missing since March 25, 2004 from Cross Plains, Tennessee.  Susan’s success is owed to country music, which finds its heartbeat in Tennessee.  Her grateful and hopeful spirit naturally draws her to this mother and daughter.

Nelly Pardo, the #1 tennis player in Venezuela, producer and actress, decided to team up with Phillipe Durand, actor, writer, director and producer.  He came to Los Angeles, California from France where he booked a series of guest starring roles in USA High, Frasier and more. Before making the film Black and Blue, Nelly and Philippe studied a lot of cases of abduction. They also wanted to talk about a topic often ignored, the missing children and organ trafficking, and that’s one of the reasons why Black and Blue was born.
Adopted Missing Person: Heaven Ross
Heaven Ross has been recovered.

Dino has a true talent for the artwork he creates, taking a mere object and recreating its presence with the effortless strokes of his colored pencils. Not only has he launched artwork for racing but also for the missing.
Adopted Missing Person: Rachel Cooke
Rachel Cooke Rachel Cooke has been missing from North Lake Area, Georgetown, Texas since January 10, 2002.  Dino Estrada takes pride in work that is irreplaceable.  Rachel Cooke can be compared to a work of art, an irreplaceable person, in the eyes of her family, peers and community.  Dino’s choice to bring Rachel’s memory to life is an extraordinary work of art.

Kelly sings with the sultry blues of Bonnie Raitt and the pure pop power of Sheryl Crow. Her remarkable versatility and warmth provides a focal point for the listener.
Adopted Missing Person: Brianna Maitland
Brianna Maitland Brianna Maitland has been missing since March 19, 2004 and was last seen after 11:20 p.m. at her job near Route 118 in Montgomery, Vermont.  Kelly feels that Brianna stood out as a person that would not only brighten up her own life but everyone around her. Traits to be admired.

Singer/songwriter Tyrone Wells masterfully blends pop, soul, and rock; infusing each song with energy and passion. 
Adopted Missing Person: Sarah Kinslow
Sara Kinslow Sara Kinslow was dropped of at school at approximately 7:20 a.m. on May 1,, 2001, in the vicinity of the 3900 block of Pine St. but never went in the building.   Sarah’s interest and success in the music industry was inspiring to Tyrone.  Tyrone’s connection to his music is his way to express the messages of his life.  In adopting Sarah, he has already created a clear message of his dedication to those that are missing. 

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